Twilight Newborns

The transformation is painful (A Twilight Series fansite and podcast)

Episode 44: You have to be there

In episode 44, we discuss the character of Jasper Hale and Stephenie Meyer’s fansite press junket. Intro You’re No Rock ‘N Roll Fun by Sleater-Kinney Twilight News Stephenie Meyer’s Mini Press Junket. See more at Eclipse Soundtrack. See more at Eclipse Poster featuring Xavier Samuel and the Newborns. See more at Ashley […]

Episode 43: Newborns started the fire

In episode 43, we discuss Bill Condon as the director of Breaking Dawn, the Eclipse trailer featuring newborns and Renasty’s soul. Intro Removed by Billy Burke. See more at Billy’s website. Twilight News Summit Entertainment confirmed that Bill Condon will direct The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Read more at Stephenie Meyer will producer of […]

Episode 18: Michael Sheen on a velvet couch

In episode 18, we discuss Mormonism’s influence on the Twilight Series and possible Rob Pattinson disguises. Intro “Mr. Pattinson” – Parody of Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel Twilight News Composer of New Moon will not be Carter Burwell. Rumored to be Alexandre Desplat (See Carter Burwell’s website) Rob Pattinson #1 on USA TODAY’s Celebrity […]

Twilight Title Workshop

Naming a book is a tough gig. Stephenie Meyer wanted to name her first novel Forks (read her Story Behind Twilight) . While we like the final title of Twilight, in Episode 8, we wanted to try our hand at naming it ourselves. Possible new titles for Twilight: Extraordinary People The Cullen Bunch (Carlisle & […]

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