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Poll: Team Wolf Pack is hot with or without fur

Poll: Twilight Supporting Hunk

Special thanks to @Cari_tx for requesting this poll!

Quiz: Harry Potter vs. Edward Cullen

As many Twilighters know, this week Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is released in theaters. But is Harry too late? Have we moved on from wizards? You tell us and rate these two book heroes and the men who portray them with our quiz below.

Poll: Moving to Forks

Poll: MTV Movie Awards

Like many true Twilight fans, we were glued to our TV screens to watch the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. It was a cwazzzy Twi-fest, and we loved it! We wanted to get the Newborn Army’s reaction. So here is our special MTV Movie Awards Quiz. Get your mouses ready and vote! Best Non-kiss Award Best […]

Poll: Summertime!

Poll: Rob’s birthday gifts

May 13 is Robert Pattinson’s birthday. So that got us thinking, “What would make great Rob birthday gifts?”  You tell us! Happy birthday, Rob!!!

Poll: Zombies of New Moon

Hey all, you know our own Christen loves zombies AND Twilight. So, in honor of her impending graduation, let’s rank the zombies of New Moon! Who is the HOTTEST Zombie in New Moon? Déjeuner Zombie Congrats, Christen!!

Episode 17: Cullen Kitty

In episode 17, we discuss Twilight relationships and the cougars of the Twilight series. Intro Edward Cullen baseball color commentary Twilight News New scene being filmed of Bella riding bikes with one of the men from the bar (see New Moon filming halfway completed (See video from ET) Italian filming of New Moon scheduled […]

Poll: Steamy in the Cafe

So you remember “the boys” in the cafe of the Twilight Movie, right? The ones that give Chief Swan the stink-eye about mysterious killings? Here’s your chance to rate this fine men and give Taylor Lautner a break. We <3 @Cari_tx @BeCullen and @rockonrebelchld for this poll inspiration Thanks, ladies!

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