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Poll: Hottest in Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn is going to be dropping like its hot on November 18. Now that we’re reaching the Saga’s conclusion, it’s time to crush Rob and Taylor’s self-esteem and compare the two hotties.  

Poll: The best next project

Poll: Did you like Eclipse the Movie?

Poll: Jacob’s future plans

Poll: Should RPattz play Kurt Cobain

Talk about coincidence. Our latest podcast episode featured a comparison between Edward Cullen and Kurt Cobain, and then news broke that Robert Pattinson may be considered to play the late Nirvana frontman (thanks for the link, Lara!).  What do you think of RPatz taking up the role? Answer our poll.

Poll: The Forks Stripper Workout

So Episode 37 went to…uh, bad places…after we started talking about Flirty Girl Fitness… ya know, the ‘stripper pole’ workout. So Luxie, Fan of the Week Emeritus, offered this poll (or pole) to all you Twilight fans! LOL!

Poll: Gifts in a box

You’ve made your Christmas list, but what you really want isn’t on it… until now! Take a moment to answer our poll, “Who’s dick in a box do you want for Christmas?” and maybe Santa will bring you an extra special present to unwrap. First, the gifts: And now the poll: And a little merry […]

Poll: New Moon smack talk

Poll: What should Edward Cullen be for Halloween?

Poll: New Moon Posters

‘Kay, Summit released new posters for New Moon. And of course we need to judge. And judge we shall. Let’s get started. For your review….

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