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Episode 81: The Twilight Newborns’ Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Commentary

In this special episode 81, the Twilight Newborns do a Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Commentary. Cue up that movie and watch with us! Listen Now! Subscribe through iTunes! Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: RSS

Episode 75: Vampactiv

In episode 75, the Twilight Newborns review The Host the Movie and talk about their Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD release experience. This is a super-sized edition! Twilight News: New Moon Graphic Novel Volume 1 is coming out April 30. See more at Hillywood Show’s Breaking Dawn Part 2 Parody is out now! Check […]

YouTube Video: Breaking Dawn Get Your Freak On

What’s better than celebrating the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere than with a new Pockets video!?! Nuthin’, we say! Enjoy Pocket Edward and co. gettin’ their freakies going!

Newborns Vault: Pump Up the Jams, Edward turn-ons and All the Single Babies

Hi all! We’re starting a new feature celebrating the absurdity of the Twilight Newborns over the past three years. Enjoy these gems from the past. What turns Edward on? Inneresting question, right? We asked it in January 2010 and we still want to know. See our online poll to find out what the Newbians are […]

Hey, Handsome!

Pocket Edward is checking himself out in the mirror, trying on pouty looks for the Breaking Dawn premiere. He nailed it with this one. Happy Tuesday!

Website of the Week: Seduced by Twilight

In episode 50, we mentioned the Seduced by Twilight blog by Dr. Natalie Wilson, academic extraordinaire and Twilight smartie. Check out her blog to learn more about Twilight and white privilege, vampire culture, and Twilight academia. Give your Pocket Edward a break, and go smart up on her site!

Photo Diary from Episode 35

As you know if you listened to episode 35 of the Twilight Newborns podcast, you know things got out of hand with the introduction of our new New Moon Pocket toys. Here are our photos taken live during our recording 1/2/10. Pocket Alice has quite the badunkatrunk, don’tcha think? Check out our photos on here.

Episode 35: A ride of passion

In episode 35, the Twilight Newborns discuss the year 2009 and new Pocket Alice and Pocket Jacob toys. Intro Fake Robert Pattinson gives a shout-out to the Newborns for a great year of podcasting. Twilight News New Moon was the most talked about movie on Facebook user status updates (see more at the Twilight Examiner) […]

Newborns video: Alice Cullen knows how to party

We recently got a Pocket Alice, aka Alice Cullen Action Figure. Thank you, Santa! Here is our first video with our little Cullen party girl from a kickin’ New Year’s Eve soiree. Enjoy! Check out the rest of our videos at our youtube channel, And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Preparing for New Moon the Movie

Just like every other Twilighter, I am in the throes of preparing for the upcoming New Moon premiere this week. If you are caught up on the latest Twilight Newborns podcast, you know Christen and I have passes for a New Moon screening in Cincinnati on Wednesday Nov. 18. We hope we can get in […]

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