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The transformation is painful (A Twilight Series fansite and podcast)

Episode 63: Extra Special New Moon Commentary

In episode 63, the Twilight Newborns do their New Moon commentary. Woot!! Listen as we watch the movie! So get some popcorn and turn on your tube, turn down the volume and watch New Moon with us! Also continue to share your thoughts on Breaking Dawn with us! We’re going to share the army’s Breaking […]

Newborns Vault: New Moon Songs, Smouldering for Ivee, 100 Monkeys

Let’s celebrate the absurdity of the Twilight Newborns over the past three years. Enjoy these gems from the past! The list of New Moon songs in order of the movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack (Various Artists) and Twilight Saga: New Moon Score by Alexandre Desplat are sold separately. Here is a list of the songs […]

Episode 41: The Trilogy of Doom

In Episode 41, we discuss new New Moon pocket figurines and the similarities between Edward Cullen and Kurt Cobain. Intro “Drain You” by Nirvana. Watch YouTube video of song here. Twilight News New Moon DVD Release and short review of the director’s commentary Fun April Fool’s Rumors (See more at MTV Movie Awards. Please […]

Episode 40: Gotta Go Sparkles

In Episode 40, we discuss our New Moon DVD party adventures at Borders and Walmart from the comfort of our car in a scary parking lot. DVD Release Party: Borders DVD Release party Dej is safe for now Walmart’s cake Giving advice to lost souls on what version to buy Review of Remember Me A […]

Episode 39: Engagement Chicken

In episode 39, we discuss the documentary, Robsessed, and Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me press interviews. Intro Sparkly Vampire by the Rifftones. Watch their youtube video. Twilight News Various Rob Pattinson interviews for Remember Me, out March 12. Catch up on Rob videos at Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner present at the 82nd Academy Awards. […]

Episode 36: Little Renasty, Big World

In episode 36, we discuss vampire lore and anticipated Breaking Dawn production. Twilight News Anna Kendrick – Stirring the shiz between Robert Pattinson and George Clooney (See more at New Moon DVD Release Sat. March 20, 2010 (See more at Twilight Lexicon) Rob Pattinson rumored to be part of Haiti relief telethon (See more […]

Episode 34: You just got Weitzed

In episode 34, the Twilight Newborns discuss New Moon listener reactions. Intro – Forks Noel, a parody of Jingles Bells Twilight News New Moon: New Moon hits Estimated international cumulative is now up to $243 million (see more at Chris Weitz choose the color of the Volvo to be black to look different than […]

Poll: New Moon smack talk

New Moon songs in order of appearance in the movie

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack (Various Artists) and Twilight Saga: New Moon Score by Alexandre Desplat are sold separately. Below is a list of the songs on both albums placed in order of appearance the movie. The first list are the songs in order spoiler free and the second list is the same info […]

Episode 33: New Moon Review: Come on elevator, we gots peoples to kill

In this special edition of the Twilight Newborns podcast, we give a review of the Twilight Saga: New Moon. Please be forwarned, full of **SPOILERS** Christen and Melissa review in random order: Billy Burke/Charlie Swan Kristen Stewart/Bella Swan Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black Rachelle Lefevre/Victoria Volturi Gang Wolf Pack Special effects Team Humans Listen […]

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