Twilight Newborns

The transformation is painful (A Twilight Series fansite and podcast)

Episode 41: The Trilogy of Doom

In Episode 41, we discuss new New Moon pocket figurines and the similarities between Edward Cullen and Kurt Cobain. Intro “Drain You” by Nirvana. Watch YouTube video of song here. Twilight News New Moon DVD Release and short review of the director’s commentary Fun April Fool’s Rumors (See more at MTV Movie Awards. Please […]

For the Love of Plaid

We talked about Rob Pattinson’s love of plaid in episode 14 as we compared the Twilight Series to My So-Called Life. So for you Art-Angela shippers out there:

What vampire power would the cast of My So-Called Life have?

From episode 14 where the Twilight Newborns compare My So-Called Life to the Twilight Series: What vampire power would the cast of My So-Called Life have? Sharon (Angela’s ex-BFF) – Break up and stay that way Patty (Angela’s mom) – Nag from 4 miles away Graham (Angela’s dad) – Withstand feminine whiles Rickie (Angela’s guy […]

Episode 14: My So-Called Comeback

In episode 14, we compare the television drama, My So-Called Life, to the Twilight Series. Intro My So-Called Life quote (Episode 9 “Halloween”) See episode guide here from Twilight News Kristen Stewart’s birthday Set Photos of New Moon (See Dossier Photos of Rob Pattinson (see MTV) Twilight author Stephenie Meyer continues to dominate […]

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