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Episode 31: It’s Always the Quiet Ones

In episode 31, we discuss New Moon merchandise and the Cullens as hoarders. Intro Twilight Parody of the song, “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba Twilight news New Moon soundtrack is out. Released early due to demand. (Get more from Self Magazine spread with Kellan Lutz, Ashely Greene and Rachelle Lefevre (Read more at Self Magazine Online) […]

Cullen Pets

Obviously, the Cullens can’t have pets. The midnight snack craving would be too much. But that didn’t stop us from trying to figure out which animal would go with each Cullen. Cullen pets: Who would have what and what would they name it? Emmett—A pit bull named tank with a stud collar Alice—An aquarium full […]

Poll: Vampires hate April 15th too

Poll: Cullen Easter Egg Hunt

Episode 11: Consequences for your potato

Intro 12 Days of Twilight sung by the Newborns Twilight News Filming on New Moon starts Monday 3-16-09 (See Just Jared Jr. story) Set photos from Spoiler TV Eclipse Director, Juan Antonio Bayona, announced and then denied. (See LA Times) Robert Pattinson in GQ Magazine (See story and photos here) Cool stuff releasing soon: Twilight […]

Episode 10: Can’t Shake Carlisle

In episode 10, the Twilight Newborns discuss Bella’s super vampire powers and the Cullens’ Oscar Night. Intro Local TV news from Forks, WA Twilight News More Kristen Stewart interviews (KStew Apology-gate) (See E! Online Exclusive) Twilight board game is being released (See product details at Amazon) Need for a Twilight video game Twilight DVD update […]

Episode 7: Flex Points

In episode 7, we discuss the theme of courtly love in the Twilight Series and Valentine’s Day plans with Edward. Twilight News DVD editions: Borders in the top running for the Twilight Newborns (suggested by “Fan of the Week Emeritus” Chris) Entertainment Weekly—cover story featuring Twilight and director Catherine Hardwicke (See EW’s Twilight Central here) […]

Plea of the Week: Why Cullen?

Okay, kids. So the latest obsession at Twilight Newborns has been to figure out why Stephenie Meyer chose the surname Cullen.  Here is the Yahoo Answers link we mentioned in Episode 4 that speculates to why “Cullen” was chosen, but that’s just guessin’. We’re hoping the real answers are out there. Can you help?

Episode 3: Virgin Alarm

In episode three, we focus on Twilight sketches on The Soup and the Cullens’ materialism. Twilight News Rumors debunked of casting of Leah Clearwater and naming of an Eclipse director Twilight perfume hubbub Thoughts about Catherine Hardwick being replaced The aging of the actors MuthMath performing “Spotlight” on The Tonight Show Newborns News Poll update […]

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