Twilight Newborns

The transformation is painful (A Twilight Series fansite and podcast)

Episode 13: Cullenoscopy

In episode 13, the Twilight Newborns discuss the Twilight DVD deleted scenes and Pocket Edward’s excursions. Intro Christen has a Bill O’Reilly meltdown (See the real one on YouTube here) Twilight News Twilight DVD sales – 3 million sold on the first day (see Variety) Twilight Newborns’ DVD release party (See post) Twilight: Director’s Notebook, […]

Website of the Week: Meeting Catherine Hardwicke

Valerie from Mom of 3 Crazy Kids met Catherine Hardwicke when Catherine was the surprise guest last Friday as the Twilight DVD was released March 21. Valerie writes: We got there, got our wristbands, and listened to all the speculation of who would be there. First it was Kristen, then Kellan, then someone said that […]

Director’s Notebook Sneak Peek

I’m very much impressed with the sneak peek of Catherine Hardwicke’s upcoming Twilight: Director’s Notebook (on sale March 17, four days before the DVD drops) that is in this week’s Entertainment Weekly (Feb. 20, 2009). The sneak peak features costume designs and story boards from the movie production weaved with the director’s thoughts. It promises […]

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