Twilight Newborns

The transformation is painful (A Twilight Series fansite and podcast)

Episode 13: Cullenoscopy

In episode 13, the Twilight Newborns discuss the Twilight DVD deleted scenes and Pocket Edward’s excursions. Intro Christen has a Bill O’Reilly meltdown (See the real one on YouTube here) Twilight News Twilight DVD sales – 3 million sold on the first day (see Variety) Twilight Newborns’ DVD release party (See post) Twilight: Director’s Notebook, […]

War Stories from DVD Release Party: Edward Cullen Action Figure Mob Scene

Like good Twi-hards, the Twilight Newborns went to the DVD par-tay at Borders on March 20. And of course, MOPE (My Own Personal Edward) (aka Pocket Edward) joined us. Big mistake. Christen and I hung out in the back of the store, lounging around in the music section, as many teenagers filled the store. We […]

Episode 9: Tickle Me Edward

In Episode 9, the Twilight Newborns discuss Kristen Stewart’s non-Oscar appearance and imprinting. Intro Pocket Edward (aka Edward Cullen action figure), so named by Lauren’s Bite blog. Twilight News Robert Pattinson appearance at the Oscars. “It’s more organized. At Twilight premieres, you think you’re going to die.” (See Pattinson Online) Kristen Stewart’s non-appearance at the […]

Episode 7: Flex Points

In episode 7, we discuss the theme of courtly love in the Twilight Series and Valentine’s Day plans with Edward. Twilight News DVD editions: Borders in the top running for the Twilight Newborns (suggested by “Fan of the Week Emeritus” Chris) Entertainment Weekly—cover story featuring Twilight and director Catherine Hardwicke (See EW’s Twilight Central here) […]

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