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Website of the Week: Seduced by Twilight

In episode 50, we mentioned the Seduced by Twilight blog by Dr. Natalie Wilson, academic extraordinaire and Twilight smartie. Check out her blog to learn more about Twilight and white privilege, vampire culture, and Twilight academia. Give your Pocket Edward a break, and go smart up on her site!

Website of the Week: Heidi Sierra

Our website of the week from Episode 35 is Heidi Sierra. Heidi has an album of Twilight-inspired music titled, Twilight Obsession.. We can relate! About Heidi, from her website: At a time where she felt to write music only for herself, she came across a little book called Twilight. Fascinated by the story and supernatural […]

Website of the Week: Shake That YouTube Video

No matter how many times i watch this video by gabriellasg, i laugh. And it makes me want to dance. And it makes me love RPattz even more (if that is even possible).  So check it out! Now! Subscribe to her channel here! ~melissa

Website of the Week: Meeting Catherine Hardwicke

Valerie from Mom of 3 Crazy Kids met Catherine Hardwicke when Catherine was the surprise guest last Friday as the Twilight DVD was released March 21. Valerie writes: We got there, got our wristbands, and listened to all the speculation of who would be there. First it was Kristen, then Kellan, then someone said that […]

Episode 12: Free Déjeuner

In episode 12, the Twilight Newborns discuss their Twilight DVD release plans and the DVD deleted scenes. Intro Alarm clock, excited for DVD release day Twilight News St. Marcus Day 3/19 – fans wore red for Edward (see Twilight Treasury) DVD Release! Parties, Walmart cake Wolf Pack cast (See Cliff Diving scene filming now […]

Website of the Week: The Cullen House in Forks

The Cullen House, aka The Miller Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast, in Forks, WA, is our Website of the Week in Episode 6. Not only do the innkeepers, Bill & Susan, speak “Twilight,” they have been named “The Cullen House” by the Forks Chamber of Commerce” Esme Cullen leaves messages for visitors on a message […]

Website of the Week: Twilightheaded

As we talked about in episode 5, our Website of the Week is The League of Extraordinary Twilighters tackles the Twilight world with sharp wit and lots of humour.  They’ve got great graphics and Robapalooza too. We’re just so glad someone covered up Vintage Rob!

Website of the Week: Lauren’s Bite

The more time we spend on Lauren’s Bite, our Website of the Week from Episode 4, the more we find all the cool stuff she has. She’s got news, commentary and all the sass you can handle. Also be sure to check out her Reading Posse Discussion Group.

Website of the Week: EdCullen on Twitter

The Twilight Newborns love Twitter and chose @EdCullen as its Website of the Week during this week’s podcast. Edward takes the time out of his busy schedule to let us know what’s going on with his family. His bio says it all: “Married. Proud parent. World traveler. Old soul.” Check out @EdCullen here.

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