Twilight Newborns

The transformation is painful (A Twilight Series fansite and podcast)

Renasty Award: NYC Shame

Oh, boy. It breaks our heart to have to give out TWO Renasty Awards in one week.  But we do what we must. Robert Pattinson was “mobbed” by a group of fans on Monday while on location in New York City filming his next movie, Remember Me. But, while we refrain from using the word […]

Renasty Award Winner: New Moon Trailer Reaction

In episode 21, we have out a Renasty Award to the YouTuber above for bringing shame and disgrace to the Twilight Fandom. Don’t get us wrong, we were so excited to watch the New Moon teaser trailer that premiered at the MTV Movie Awards. But the cussing and Tay-Bait leering were a bit much for […]

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