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Cullen Pets

Obviously, the Cullens can’t have pets. The midnight snack craving would be too much. But that didn’t stop us from trying to figure out which animal would go with each Cullen. Cullen pets: Who would have what and what would they name it? Emmett—A pit bull named tank with a stud collar Alice—An aquarium full […]

The Forker: A song parody

In episode 16, we sang a parody of the Steve Miller Band song, The Joker. So we wanted to share our lyrics. Enjoy! The Forker Some people call me Edward Some call me the Cullen of Love Some people call me monster (whistle) Cuz I drink lots of animal blood Forks keeps talking about me, […]

Inside the Action Figure Studio

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For the Love of Plaid

We talked about Rob Pattinson’s love of plaid in episode 14 as we compared the Twilight Series to My So-Called Life. So for you Art-Angela shippers out there:

What vampire power would the cast of My So-Called Life have?

From episode 14 where the Twilight Newborns compare My So-Called Life to the Twilight Series: What vampire power would the cast of My So-Called Life have? Sharon (Angela’s ex-BFF) – Break up and stay that way Patty (Angela’s mom) – Nag from 4 miles away Graham (Angela’s dad) – Withstand feminine whiles Rickie (Angela’s guy […]

Forks Prom Night Fantasy

It’s prom season again, and we were just dreaming about what it would like to take Mr. Edward Cullen to the dance. It would mean hours of dancing slowly with Edward. <swoons> If we would have been able to attend the prom with Edward, we know we would have been prepared. Oh, Edward. Let’s just […]

Volvo bling

We were passing a Volvo car dealership when we got to thinking what would be the vanity plate for Mr. Edward Cullen’s fabulous car? Here is what we came up with: IRICHUNOT – I’m Rich. You’re Not. SCKLION – Sick Lion CKMYPLSE – Check My Pulse VMPSTIC – Vampastic 2CUL4SKL – Too Cool for School […]

The Tickle Off: Elmo vs Edward

Seems like our favorite vampire is feeling a bit monsterish. Even Elmo can’t cheer him up. Since we titled Episode 9, “Tickle Me Edward,” we thought it best to get these two crazy kids together. It didn’t go too well since Edward has some self-esteem issues about being a monster, and Elmo can only talk […]

Neverending Pocket Edward

We unconditionally and irrevocably give Lauren’s Bite credit for inventing Pocket Edward and his crazy adventures. It looked like so much fun we had to buy a Pocket Edward of our own. Here he is, riding Dejeuner, podcasting mascot and mountain goat extraordinaire. Pocket Edward seems to be a huge fan of Bastian and Falkor […]

Twilight Title Workshop

Naming a book is a tough gig. Stephenie Meyer wanted to name her first novel Forks (read her Story Behind Twilight) . While we like the final title of Twilight, in Episode 8, we wanted to try our hand at naming it ourselves. Possible new titles for Twilight: Extraordinary People The Cullen Bunch (Carlisle & […]

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