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Warm Bodies Soundtrack in Order of Appearance

Christen Newborn interrupts this regularly scheduled Twilight programming… As a special treat, since I can’t  shut up about Warm Bodies, The Newborns bring you the soundtrack songs in order of appearance in the movie along with quotes and action descriptions of the scenes in which they appear. Sadly, the soundtrack doesn’t officially exist, but if you’d Iike […]

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Score and Soundtrack in order of appearance

Finally our soundtrack and score list for Eclipse (better late than never)!!!! This time we added when the song appears in the movie and memorable quotes said during those songs. The soundtrack is by various artists and the score was written by Howard Shore. Special, special thanks to Bluedallia for sending us a track list! […]

How to Be: Songs in order of the movie

I know this is sort of random, but I put the songs from Robert Pattinson’s movie, How to Be (2008), in the order they appear in the film. There is a spoiler-free list followed by a list describing where the song appears in the film.  All songs appear on the soundtrack of How To Be, […]

New Moon songs in order of appearance in the movie

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack (Various Artists) and Twilight Saga: New Moon Score by Alexandre Desplat are sold separately. Below is a list of the songs on both albums placed in order of appearance the movie. The first list are the songs in order spoiler free and the second list is the same info […]

Twilight Newborns video: Smouldering for Ivee

Check out our video we made for @iveeanne. She’s awesome and Rob is awesome and Chuck Berry is awesome too.

100 Monkeys Show: Fan Experience

It took ALOT of cuteness in the photo above for our hearts to melt for Jackson Rathbone, since he plays Jasper Hale, the mortal enemy of The Newborns. But melt it did when Fan of the Week Emeritus, LovelyBlue27, sent in this first-hand account of seeing Jackson play live in his band, 100 Monkeys! Read […]

Twelve Days of Twilight

In honor of the twelve days until the Twilight DVD hits the streets, here is a song written by the Twilight Newborns to help you make it until March 21. On the twelfth day of Twilight, my true love gave to me Twelve Pocket Edwards Eleven Icy Cold Ones Ten Friends at La Push Nine […]

New and Improved: Twilight Newborns are everywhere

As of late, we’ve been very busy little vamps, working to expand our interwebs reach to connect to you. Be sure to check out Twilight Newborns here: New Podcast Alley – Click here to subscribe to our feeds and rate us on Podcast Alley. CafePress Store – See our official merch store for those who […]

Twilight songs in order of appearance

I forgot to post this after discussing it in episode 1, but here is the list I created of the songs in Twilight movie, placed in their order of appearance in the film. All these songs appear on the movie soundtrack or the movie score discs except where noted (listed by song and artist). How […]

Iron and Wine performing Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Here is the video from The Tonight Show (Jan. 5, 2009) of Iron & Wine performing Flightless Bird, American Mouth from the Twilight soundtrack. Yeah. I <3 this song! ~Melissa

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