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Hey, Handsome!

Pocket Edward is checking himself out in the mirror, trying on pouty looks for the Breaking Dawn premiere. He nailed it with this one. Happy Tuesday!

Happy Easter!

The best Easter basket ever! Happy Easter, Newbians! Hide your eggs…Rob is on the loose!

Happy V-Day

Happy Valentine’s, Newborn Army! Love and kisses, Christen, Melissa & Dej.

PR School for Rob Pattinson: Now Enrolling!

Hey Rob, we understand your climb to fame was meteoric. One day, you’re chillaxin’ with your guitar in coffeebars and, then the next day, the gates of hell are threatening to open up to suck you in. But never fear, my brother, the Twilight Newborns have launched their own PR bootcamps for “Men Would Have […]

Pocket Jacob’s fashion choices

Our Pocket Alice has been doing some knitting lately. Obvs, she’s not as talented as Ms. Cullen. Happy February!

Newborns video: Alice Cullen knows how to party

We recently got a Pocket Alice, aka Alice Cullen Action Figure. Thank you, Santa! Here is our first video with our little Cullen party girl from a kickin’ New Year’s Eve soiree. Enjoy! Check out the rest of our videos at our youtube channel, And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Poll: Team Wolf Pack is hot with or without fur

New Twilight Newborns Video: Pocket Edward knows what you want

Pocket Edward is at it again! He just can’t stop dancing, that fool! Subscribe to our youtube channel here: Click here to subscribe to the  Twilight Newborns Podcast on iTunes

Cup o Edward

We caught a Masen with a Mason jar! Then we put him on ice to keep him 17 and vampy fresh! Stay cool this Labor Day, kids!

Twilight Newborns video: Pocket Edward is Ready for This

Even Rob isn’t safe from a Pocket Edward jam. Enjoy! Subscribe to our videos here:

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