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Episode 68: Ironman versus Edward

Posted on | June 13, 2012 | No Comments

Ironman versus Edward

Dude! You read Fiddy Shades of Grey too???

In episode 68, we discuss Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson’s appearance at Cannes and review Rob’s movie, Bel Ami.


  • A parody of “Brick House” by The Commodores

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Meat of the Discussion: A review of the film, Bel Ami

  • See the official website for the film
  • Starring Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Krisin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci and Colm Meaney
  • Synopsis: Bel Ami is the story of Georges Duroy, who travels through 1890s Paris, from cockroach ridden garrets to opulent salons, using his wits and powers of seduction to rise from poverty to wealth, from a prostitute’s embrace to passionate trysts with wealthy beauties, in a world where politics and media jostle for influence, where sex is power and celebrity an obsession.
  • Which actress do we think Rob has the best on-screen chemistry with?

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