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Episode 63: Extra Special New Moon Commentary

Posted on | December 27, 2011 | 1 Comment

Hold me! The Twilight Newborns have done a New Moon Commentary!In episode 63, the Twilight Newborns do their New Moon commentary. Woot!! Listen as we watch the movie!

So get some popcorn and turn on your tube, turn down the volume and watch New Moon with us!

Also continue to share your thoughts on Breaking Dawn with us! We’re going to share the army’s Breaking Dawn reviews in our next podcast. Contact us or write a comment!

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One Response to “Episode 63: Extra Special New Moon Commentary”

  1. Nari
    December 30th, 2011 @ 9:28 pm

    Great commentary! I haven’t watched New Moon in ages it seems, but it was great watching it with you girls/newborns again.

    I enjoyed New Moon when it was released, but I wish Rob & Kristen played it a bit more happy & playful in the beginning, before the party incident. They just seem sad sack throughout & the contrast just wasn’t there when Edward leaves.

    Loved the Bella Bot 9000 bit, just hilarious!

    I also noticed Bella does have a nice laptop and photo printer. How she can afford that just working part time at the sporting goods store? Maybe CNews thoughts on Bella slut wasn’t far off. :p I love Bella tho <3

    My favorite part of the movie is the Victoria montage scene with the Thom Yorke song playing over it, just perfection. I always get goose bumps watching it.

    Love the Sheen as Aro, so creepy & menacing, love it. Did you know that Ben Barnes (Narnia's Prince Caspian) wanted to play Aro. That would of been interesting. He is pretty enough to be a Vampire, but the Sheen did such a good job, I can't imagine a better Aro. I do like Ben Barnes in Dorian Gray, one of my favorites.

    Least favorite scene is the Alice vision of Vampire Bella. That was just so off, especially at that moment in the movie. That scene could of been salvaged if they cut it down to when Bella looks at Edward, and drop the opening of them running. Another that stands out is when they kiss outside her house, after the party.. what was with the sound Rob makes during the kiss, it just made it so awkward. Oh yeah, Edwards car is so wrong it hurts.

    Overall the movie was well made, I really enjoyed it.

    Really looking forward too your Eclipse commentary. The Newborns finally get their day to sparkle in the sun. \o/

    Have a safe & Happy Newborn year Mew & CNew.

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