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Episode 52: Original Phil

Posted on | December 26, 2010 | No Comments

In episode 52, we discuss Rob and Kristen’s Eclipse commentary and Phil Dwyer’s replacement in Breaking Dawn.
  • Newborns sing Jingle Bells
Twilight news
  • Jackson Rathbone’s birthday (He’s 26) (
  • Eclipse DVD release party and review
  • Golden Onion Award goes to Borders for great Twilight parties
  • Eclipse soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy Award (read more at Twilight Lexicon)
  • First official Breaking Dawn still from Bill Condon (See more at
  • Could an Eclipse song be nominated for an Oscar? (See more at
  • Hillywood Show Eclipse Parody (Watch video at YouTube)
  • Phil Dwyer will be played by Ty Olsson. Original Phil in Twilight was played by Matt Bushell. (See more at
  • Michael Sheen says he’ll be heading to Louisiana to begin filming his scenes. “We will be jumping into the the bigger epic scenes when I get back,” Sheen says, adding that he’s excited to work with director Bill Condon for this fourth installment of the series, which will be broken into two films. “Everyone always says wonderful things about Bill. I can see why now. He’s a really terrific guy. Everyone’s really happy and excited about it.” (Read more at
  • SMeyer is one of The Hollywood Reporter’s 2010 Women in Entertainment Power 100 (She is number 76). (See more at the Hollywood Reporter)
Newborn News
Meat of the Discussion: Kristen and Rob’s DVD Commentary

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