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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Score and Soundtrack in order of appearance

Posted on | November 14, 2010 | 3 Comments

As Carlisle says, "Newborns. Our kind."

Finally our soundtrack and score list for Eclipse (better late than never)!!!!

This time we added when the song appears in the movie and memorable quotes said during those songs. The soundtrack is by various artists and the score was written by Howard Shore. Special, special thanks to Bluedallia for sending us a track list!

(But seriously, if you haven’t yet seen this movie, scurry to it!)

Example of how track is listed:
Song Title by Artist (Approximate starting time for the song in the move in Hours:Minutes:Seconds)
Scene description
Memorable quote or quotes said during song

1. Chop and Change by The Black Keys  (00:00:10)
Riley leaving Seattle coffee shop.

2. Riley by Howard Shore (00:00:17)
Riley is being chased through Seattle.

3. Compromise/Bella’s Theme by Howard Shore  (00:02:32)
Edward and Bella in the meadow and Bella returning home.

Edward: You’ll find the vampire human divorce rate a little lower.

Charlie Swan: I have other reasons for grounding you. I want to give you some separation from him.

4. Let’s Get Lost by Beck & Bat for Lashes (00:06:40)
Bella reads Jake’s letter and calls him.

5. Bella’s Truck/Florida by Howard Shore  (starts at (00:07:47)
Edward disables Bella’s truck after she decides to visit him. Starts again in Florida with visit to Renee.
Bella to Edward: I have until graduation to see him and then I’ll be one of you, and he’ll hate me forever.”
(During Florida visit) Renee: The way he watches you. It’s like he’s willing  to leap in front of you to take a bullet or something.

6. How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep by Bombay Bicycle Club (00:08:29)
The cafeteria scene with humans and Cullens.
Bella (on Jessica’s graduation speech): It’s going to be epic.
Jessica: Epic? Its going to change lives.

7. Victoria by Howard Shore (00:14:55)
Cullens and wolf pack chase Victoria

8. A Million Miles an Hour by Eastern Conference Champions (00:17:50)
Jacob visits Bella at the school to check up on her.
Jacob: She has a right to know. She’s the one the redhead wants.

9. Jonathan Low by Vampire Weekend (00:19:39)
Bella jumps on Jacob’s motorcycle.
Various wolfpack members to Bella:
I wish Bella would call.
I wish Bella wouldn’t call.
Maybe I should call Bella.
Maybe I should call Bella and hangup.

10. Imprinting by Howard Shore (00:20:52)
Jacob and Bella talk at the reservation.
Jacob: He imprinted on her.
Bella: Do i even want to know what that is?

11. The Cullens Plan by Howard Shore (00:26:05)
Bella visits the Cullen house. Later at Bella’s, Jacob and Edward get into an argument.
Bella: Stop! I’m tired of this. From now on I’m Switzerland, okay?

12. Atlas by Fanfarlo (00:28:11)
This is the song in Edward’s car as he drops Bella off to Jacob.
Edward to Bella: Doesn’t he own a shirt?

13. The Line by Battles (00:29:09)
This is the song that plays in Edward’s car as he drives off

14. Life on Earth by Band Of Horses (00:36:29)
Edward and Bella talk in Bella’s room.
Edward: You will always be my Bella

15. Jacob’s Theme by Howard Shore (00:39:27)
Jacob and Bella talking at the reservation.
Jacob: You need to hear the truth Bella, understand all your options. And you need to know…that I’m in love with you. And I want you to choose me instead of him.

16. First Kiss by Howard Shore (00:40:18)
Jacob to Bella: Feel that? Flesh, and blood and warmth.

Edward: Let me give you a clue: Wait for her to say the words.

Emmett: Trying to walk and chew gum at the same time again, Bella?
Bella: I punched a werewolf in the face.
Emmett: Badass. You’re going to be one tough little newborn.

17. Rosalie by Howard Shore (00:42:46)
A review of Rosalie’s sad story of turning into a vampire
Rosalie: You have a choice. I didn’t, none of us did, but you do and you’re choosing wrong. I don’t care how miserable your human life is.

18: Decisions, Decisions… by Howard Shore (00:46:45)
It’s a newborn feeding frenzy in Seattle with the Volturi watching.
Riley to the newborns: Something’s coming, something bigger than any of us alone. And if you can’t control yourselves, we’re all going to die. What’s done is done, just clean up after yourselves.

19. Ours by The Bravery (00:49:45)
This is the first song playing during Cullens’ graduation party
Jessica to Bella on her graduation speech: Yeah, it’s like I was born to lead, right?

20. Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) by Muse (00:50:59)
This is the second song at the Cullen’s graduation party while Jacob presents Bella’s charm bracelet to her.

21. They’re Coming Here by Howard Shore (00:51:30)
Alice gets a a vision during the graduation party. Wolfpack and Cullens spring into action.
Jasper: Either way, the army is coming and there aren’t enough of us to protect the town.
Jacob: Hold up, what damn army?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Newborns, our kind.

22. With You In My Head (feat. The Black Angels) by UNKLE (00:55:41)
Jasper teaching some newborn-kicking moves to the Cullens with the wolfpack watching.
Jasper: One more thing, never turn your back on your enemy.

23. Jasper by Howard Shore (00:59:15)
A review of Jasper’s vampire creation story to Bella
Jasper: I thought what Maria and I had was love. But I was her puppet. She pulled the strings. I didn’t know there was another way. Until I found Alice. She had seen me coming, of course.

24. Wolf Scent by Howard Shore (01:05:00)
Jasper, Edward and Bella meeting Jacob in the fighting spot to test masking Bella’s scent.
Jacob: Eau de wolf, comin’ up.

Charlie Swan: Virgin…liking Edward a little bit more now.

25. Clair de Lune by DeBussy and performed by The APM Orchestra [Note: Available on Twilight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (01:10:43)
Bella visiting Edward alone at his house, and Edward showing Bella her bed for the evening.
Bella: I think an air mattress would have sufficed.

26. My Love by Sia (01:12:33)
Bella and Edward on the bed during the leg hitch mambo. **Serious kissy kissy time.**
Edward: Stop trying to take your clothes off.
Bella: You wanna do that part?

Edward: Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment forever, would you do me the extraordinary of honor of marrying me?

27. Rolling In On a Burning Tire by The Dead Weather (01:18:38)
Victoria and Riley plotting and steaming it up under a bridge
Riley: I’m going to end the Cullen clan. I swear.

28. Mountain Peak by Howard Shore (01:20:47)
Jacob taking Bella up the mountain
Jacob: Something up?
Bella: There’s a bunch of vampires trying to kill me.
Jacob Black: Same old, same old.

Jacob to Edward in the tent: She may need her toes some day, and let’s face it I am hotter than you.

29. The Kiss by Howard Shore (1:30:19)
Bella readies Jacob for battle with some kissy kiss.
Jacob to Bella: That should have been our first kiss.

30. The Battle/Victoria vs. Edward by Howard Shore (01:32:53)
The Cullens and the wolves face the newborns while Edward, Seth and Bella battle Victoria and Riley
Edward to Riley: Think about it. You’re from Forks. You know the area. That’s the only reason she chose you. She doesn’t love you.

31. Jane by Howard Shore (01:40:05)
Alice has a vision the Volturi are coming, and Jake gets hurt defending Leah and the Volturi thugs come.
Jane: The Volturi don’t give second chances. Keep that in mind. Caius will be interested to know that she’s still human.

32. As Easy As Breathing by Howard Shore (01:45:05)
Bella visits injured Jacob at his house.
Jacob: I need some time, but I’ll always be waiting.
Bella: Until my heart stops beating.
Jacob: Maybe even then.

33. Wedding Plans by Howard Shore/Eclipse (All Yours) (01:49:20)
Note: The score track “Wedding Plans: contains Eclipse (All Yours) within it, which starts by itself at 01:51:45
Bella and Edward in the meadow.
Bella: You’re wrong. This wasn’t a choice between you and Jacob. It was between who I should and who I am. I’ve always felt out of step, like literally stumbling through my life. I’ve never felt normal, because I’m not normal. I don’t wanna be. I’ve had to face death and loss and pain in your world but I’ve also never felt stronger…more real, more myself because it’s my world too. It’s where I belong.

34. Heavy In Your Arms by Florence + The Machine (01:54:42)

35. What Part of Forever by Cee Lo Green (01:57:37)

Extra songs:
1. What Part of Forever (Johan Hugo Remix) by Cee Lo Green is on the deluxe edition of the soundtrack but does not appear in the film.
2. Eclipse Score (Bonus Track) by Howard Shore. Runs throughout.
3. Jacob Black by Howard Shore. I don’t believe this song as it sounds here appears in the film. It is the basis for other tracks. The Soundtracks Examiner describes it as:

“The centerpiece of the score, this theme is yet another stark, piano-driven piece correlating the enduring loyalty of Jacob’s character with the heavy-heartedness of unrequited love.”

Read a detailed critique of the Howard Shore Score at the


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