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Haikus by Christen

Posted on | October 24, 2009 | No Comments

Of course, Christen couldn’t let the haiku challenge go unanswered for the “What do the Teams mean to you?” contest. Here are her original haiku’s.

By Christen

Edward is for me
Why else would he haunt my dreams?
And for no one else.

Your love never dies
A heart full of pained longing
You sure are sexy.

Here’s one for Jacob…

Sunny Day
Fun, sweet and true
A love filled with adventure
Jacob knows you well.

And here’s one for the Newborns…

Newborn Hunters
We sure are thirsty
Our ideas invade your world
You can’t escape us.

Here’s a shameless plug…

Hear us on iTunes?
Another hungry Newborn
Writes us a review.

and for dej… to boost his spirits in the pokey.

Dejy Goat Gruff
Heady with freedom
We all adore your antics
Lunch is never served.

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