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Contest Runner-up: LexxyKat

Posted on | October 24, 2009 | No Comments

LexxyKat was a runner-up in our essay contest: ““What do the Teams mean to you?” Read her essay here!

andy_warhol_teamjacob_smBy LexxyKat:

I think that there are teams in the twilight fandom for two reasons. One: just personal preference. They would just rather that Bella be with Edward and/or Jacob. Reason two: they LOVE Edward or Jacob and want them to be with them. Like you both want Edward and Robert for yourselves not Bella. I personal love Jacob. For one he is beautiful, he knows the right things to say, he would let you do what you wanted whenever (unless it would be with Edward) unlike Edward. Edward just cares to much and Edward does pressure Bella into doing things like getting married. Because everyone who has read the books knows one of the reasons Bella married Edward was for the sex. But whenever Bella is with Edward it’s akward. The biggest reason I think Jacob would have been a better choice is because bella and Jacobs feelings for each other are natural. But Bella and Edwards love is based on curiosity and enfacuation (or however you spell that). Edward can’t read bellas mind it bugs him he’s curious to know why. Bella likes him because he’s beautiful. I got totally off subject. I feel being on a team jacob is both who I want to be with both bella and myself. And he’s just my personal preference. And to end it all I am and will be forever team jake.


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