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Contest Runner-up: Katy

Posted on | October 24, 2009 | No Comments

Katy from Northern Ireland was a runner-up in our essay contest: ““What do the Teams mean to you?” Read her essay here!

andy_warhol_teamedwardBy Katy:

Jacob Black is a werewolf, with tanned skin, brown eyes, very tall and a kind personality. Edward Cullen is a vampire, pale, marble like skin, golden eyes, and very protective.

I am the palest white you have ever seen, most people think I’m sick most of the time. So, because Jacob is so tanned, if I stood beside him then id look like a ghost and id rather not. Edward is pale so that I would totally blend in with him and we could be two white “ghosts” prancing down the street together.

I know its crazy but Taylor Lautner kind of ruins Jacob Black for me. I know, I know he’s ‘sooo hot!!’ but he isn’t my kind of guy. But I don’t hate “Jacob Black”. I understand why he is so clingy to Bella and why he felt he couldn’t just give up Bella to Edward without a fight. I understood him more after I finished Breaking Dawn.

I still can’t help but feel a little resentment towards him for what he did in Eclipse though. That was just going a litttle too far — far enough for me to growl (more meow) at the book and shout at typed text. But I have to congradulate him for breaking Bellas hand because if he hadn’t kissed Bella (haha) then Bella wouldn’t have broken her wrist and so Edward wouldn’t have come and threatened Jacob and then Charlie wouldn’t have been able to “try” to split up the “fight” over Bella. Oh Charlie J

I used to be Team Switzerland but meh…I’ve come to terms and have “grown up”.

I am Team Edward, because as masochistic and complicated their relationship might be at times, they are still the definition of that electrical, passionate, neverending love that we all seek and hope to grab one day. He ties her all together and makes her one happy little woman in a way that Jacob never could. She LOVED Jacob, but she could live WITHOUT him — not so with Edward. I am a firm believer that Bella might’ve died (J), had Edward not come back into her life. I am Team Edward for Bella Swan.

~Katy (N.Ireland)

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