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Contest First Runner-Up: Lara

Posted on | October 24, 2009 | 1 Comment

Lara was a first runner-up in our essay contest: ““What do the Teams mean to you?” Read her essay here!


By Lara:

Why I am Solidly Team Edward

Why do I love thee, Edward Cullen, let me count the ways! I play for Team Edward because he is my definition of male perfection. Aside from his hot, hot, hotness (perfectly embodied in Mr. Pattinson, thank you very much) his personality is what I adore in a lad.  His style is hip and modern, but inside there’s an old soul (literally!!) He believes in romance, he’s passionate about music (love them musicians!) and he has a quiet confidence without being cocky. Sure he may go overboard in his desire to protect the thing he loves … but his tendency to overreact I see is a byproduct of his artist’s passion and (overly) analytical mind. I think the river runs very, VERY deep with our dear Mr. Cullen and though his brooding can be frustrating at times, we always forgive him when he breaks out the famous “Cullen charm” and that crooked smile that leaves us breathless (also, perfectly executed by RPatz)!

I think that being on “Team Edward”, for me, means loving and adoring all things that make up Edward, and part of that is his love for Bella. Yes – perhaps he is not the “safe” choice for Miss Swan, or the practical, easy or even smart choice. But without Bella coming into Edward’s life, he would have never found love, redemption and hope. It was necessary for Bella to come into his life and pull him out of his 80 year funk. And he could never have fallen in love with anyone other than her, I believe. As Stephanie alluded to in Midnight Sun, perhaps some angel had created Bella specifically for him. He cannot read her mind – so he actually has to pursue her, and she intrigues him because of this. She has no natural fear of “his kind” like she should, and she naturally attracts danger, which he feels he’s been sent here to protect her from. Although I love and adore EC, I do not feel as part of “Team Edward” that he should be for me. I whole-heartedly would concede him to Bella, his true love, but it doesn’t mean I still cannot adore him from afar (swoon).

Now as for Jacob, I HATED him on my first reading of the series after Eclipse (I believe I was channeling Edward). But after Breaking Dawn, I finally decided I could accept him and actually started to like him (a little) after reading Jacob’s Book in BD. Although he is also beautiful and smart, his personality traits are things that I AVOID in men. Like his tendency to be rash and not think things thorough, his immaturity and his obvious cockiness. He may be good for Bella in an everyday “rematch” sense, but I think if she fell for Jake, it would be just like falling for any other High School boy — (who bursts into furry wolfishness). It’s totally fine with me if Jake were to forever be placed in the dreaded “friend-zone”. But, if you’re looking for loyalty in a friend – he’d definitely be a good one to have! There! I’ll throw a bone (*sicker, snicker*) to Team Jacob!!


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One Response to “Contest First Runner-Up: Lara”

  1. Luxie
    October 25th, 2009 @ 1:51 pm

    ‘he has a quiet confidence without being cocky’ — Oh so true Lara, so true!

    ‘his tendency to overreact I see is a byproduct of his artist’s passion and (overly) analytical mind.’ — I think you’re right about that … and damn it.. he is full of passion 😉

    About Jacob: I have always had soft spot for him but never thought he belonged with Bella (obviously) but I had the same experience whilst reading Breaking Dawn…. I warmed up to him and enjoyed reading his excerpts … I liked his humor and felt for him when he was sad.

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