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Twilight Parody: We Belong by Pat Benatar

Posted on | September 18, 2009 | No Comments

You know you love it when we sing on our podcast, and we love the 1980’s.  So we thought it best to bring the  Twilight love and ”80s Rocker Chick Power Anthems together (again) for our latest song parody. You can here us sing it on episode 29.

“We Belong”
based on a song by Pat Benatar

When they say you can’t go in the light, you belong to a covennnn
We belong
We belong with the vam-pi-re vegetarrrrians
Whenever there is blood on your face
From horse or from otter
We belong
You belong, you belong with Newborrrrns.
We belong!!

Update: Listen to Ms. Benatar do her thing here with a YouTube video from SparklyFanpireLover

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