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September’s Contest extended

Our podcast contest, “What do the Teams mean to you,” has been extended until Wednesday October 7. So now you have no excuses! Get your entries  in now! All you have to do is write something to why you are a part of a Team and what does being part of the Team mean to […]

Poll: New Moon Posters

‘Kay, Summit released new posters for New Moon. And of course we need to judge. And judge we shall. Let’s get started. For your review….

Twilight Parody: We Belong by Pat Benatar

You know you love it when we sing on our podcast, and we love the 1980’s.  So we thought it best to bring the  Twilight love and ”80s Rocker Chick Power Anthems together (again) for our latest song parody. You can here us sing it on episode 29. “We Belong” based on a song by […]

Episode 29: How long does it take for a Burke ‘stache to grow?

In episode 29, we discuss the New Moon trailer that premiered at the MTV VMAs and late 19th Century Chicago as described in Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City. Intro Parody of Pat Benatar’s We Belong Twilight News New Moon trailer premiering at the VMAs (Watch the trailer here at “Meet on […]

Poll: Team Wolf Pack is hot with or without fur

New Twilight Newborns Video: Pocket Edward knows what you want

Pocket Edward is at it again! He just can’t stop dancing, that fool! Subscribe to our youtube channel here: Click here to subscribe to the  Twilight Newborns Podcast on iTunes

Cup o Edward

We caught a Masen with a Mason jar! Then we put him on ice to keep him 17 and vampy fresh! Stay cool this Labor Day, kids!

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