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Song parodies: Twilight Time, Total Eclipse of the Heart

Posted on | July 20, 2009 | No Comments

Here are the latest song parodies from the Twilight Newborns.

Twilight Time (from episode 24)

twilighttimeWhenever you’re feeling good and horny.
Its Twilight time.
Grab your books and a big salami
Its Twilight time.
Draw yourself a bath
cuz Edward’s got the goods
Together at last
Its Twilight time.

Total Eclipse of the Heart (from episode 23)

bellaswantotaleclipseOnce upon a time there where vamps in my life
Now there’s only wolves in the dark
Don’t know what to do
a total eclipse of the heart.

Turn around, gold eyes
everyone now and then you break my heart
and I need you now tonight
and I need you more than ever
and if you’ll only take a bite
we won’t have to hold out forever
and we’ll only be making it right
cuz we’ll need to be wrong together

We can make it to the end of the night
getting old is like a shadow on me all the time
I really need you to bite!
forever’s gonna start tonight

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