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Episode 25: Twilight Newborns Do Dallas: TwiCon Part 1

The Twilight Newborns discuss first and second day of experiences at TwiCon 2009 in Dallas, Texas. Follow our live tweeting at Day 0 (Thursday) Registration lines and Welcome ceremony TwiCon convention rules Seeing Christian Serratos Day 1 (Friday) TwiCon Panels: Female Role in Twilight, Thirty Plus Chill Room turns into the Chill-hallway Gift Bags […]

Pocket Edward takes on Dallas

TwiCon giving Pocket Edward the perfect opportunity to go shopping for some gifts.

Live Updates from TwiCon

Follow us here if you can’t see the feed above.

TwiCon madness begins

Today, our little Edward made it through security okay unlike the last time we flew and the TSA agent fondled our man RIGHT in front of us! The TSA is behaving so far as we fly into Dallas today to attend the first ever TwiCon! Be sure to check back often as we keep you […]

Website of the Week: Shake That YouTube Video

No matter how many times i watch this video by gabriellasg, i laugh. And it makes me want to dance. And it makes me love RPattz even more (if that is even possible).  So check it out! Now! Subscribe to her channel here! ~melissa

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Song parodies: Twilight Time, Total Eclipse of the Heart

Here are the latest song parodies from the Twilight Newborns. Twilight Time (from episode 24) Whenever you’re feeling good and horny. Its Twilight time. Grab your books and a big salami Its Twilight time. Draw yourself a bath cuz Edward’s got the goods Together at last Its Twilight time. Total Eclipse of the Heart (from […]

Episode 24: Ask not what Twilight can do for you

In episode 24, we talk about the Twilight being made into graphic novel form and how technology will make it harder for the Cullens to hide. Intro Parody of song, “Twilight Time” Twilight News Twilight is being make into graphic novel form (See more at Entertainment Weekly) Xavier Samuel, Australian actor, has been cast as […]

Edward adventures on Twitter

You all know My Own Personal Edward, aka Pocket Edward, aka Eddie-Ken, makes an appearance on our podcast every episode. Ever wonder what that little guy is up to when he’s not ‘casting? Look at our Twitpic photo gallery to find out! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @Twilightnewborn!

Quiz: Harry Potter vs. Edward Cullen

As many Twilighters know, this week Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is released in theaters. But is Harry too late? Have we moved on from wizards? You tell us and rate these two book heroes and the men who portray them with our quiz below.

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