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100 Monkeys Show: Fan Experience

Posted on | June 17, 2009 | 3 Comments


The J's of 100 Monkeys: Jerad Anderson & Jackson Rathbone

It took ALOT of cuteness in the photo above for our hearts to melt for Jackson Rathbone, since he plays Jasper Hale, the mortal enemy of The Newborns. But melt it did when Fan of the Week Emeritus, LovelyBlue27, sent in this first-hand account of seeing Jackson play live in his band, 100 Monkeys!

Read LovelyBlue27‘s account below!

Local radio and paper were having contests to win a meet and greet before the 100 Monkeys show. I saw the ad for the contest on twitter and entered… got the phone call Thursday that I won… ummm ME? Completely held it together but was SOOOO excited. Called a friend to ask if she wanted to come with. She said that she’d be missing the premier of True Blood but she could watch it On Demand the next night. I just chuckled because of COURSE you would miss a TV show for this opportunity.  We left it at that and that we would firm up deets on Sunday morning.

Phone call Sunday early afternoon… between Friend and Me

Friend: So now who is it we’re going to see again?
Me: (GASP) What? The 100 Monkeys. You don’t know we’re going to see 100 Monkeys?
Friend: No… I just know you asked me to go to a show with you…
Me: WHAT??? You’re kidding me, right?
Friend: No, no kid…
Me: OK. Well, we’re going to see 100 Monkeys – Jackson, Baby!!!
Friend: Are they local?
Me: WHAT??? (Having severe heart attack) No… they’re from California… you have NO idea, do you?
Friend: What?
Me: 100 Monkeys is Jackson Rathbone’s band
Friend: Who’s that?
Me: GASP!!!! WHAT??? Jasper! We’re going to meet Jasper Hale… from TWILIGHT
Friend: WHAT?!?!?!? I’m going to meet Jasper? Well, THAT changes things!!! HOLY *&#$@) I guess that’s why you said Twilight people were going to be there…
Me: *laughing*


Edward found a pocket and snuck in!

Ok, so we get there… standing in line… FIRST in line may I add… we talk to a few PR people and find that we’re standing in line with a bunch of CRAZIES. They were subdued but wow! The women behind me were mother/daughter. Mom (maybe mid/late 40’s) is a 5’2″ belly dancer that needs to learn how to apply eye make up and daughter (mid 20’s) was 5″4 busting out of her leopard print shirt with matching gold (yes, gold) metallic lyra skirt. OH the HORRORS we endured listening to those to chatter about the Barnes and Noble signing and what not… the mother actually whipped out a battery operated toothbrush on the sidewalk and started brushing her teeth. It was… awkward to say the least!  My friend and I were probably capping the age range there… most of the winners were definitely under 21… I say 16ish?

We get upstairs of the venue for the meet and greet and the Band walks in… the Ben’s. and Jerad first, then Jackson and Uncle Larry… they say “hello ladies” and go stand behind a make shift counter for them to sign our free EP’s… while we’re standing in line, The National Rifle comes over (the opening band) and starts chatting us up… they gave us buttons and stickers…

We get to the table… Ben G is first… WHAT AMAZING EYES! I asked him if the BN signing was nuts, he said no, not really, about 300 people, he said he thinks they sold about 280 cd’s so people equal out cd’s… I asked if he had a good experience, he said yes… on to Ben J… said hi, asked if he was liking the east coast, said most definitely! It’s been great… I asked if I could get a picture of the two of them… they happily obliged…


The Ben's (Ben Johnson & Ben Gaupner)

On to Jackson… I have to admit… I looked into his eyes… he smiled… and I forgot my name… I said hi, I asked how he was, he said doing good… I turned to Jared and asked how HE was, he said good… I asked for a picture of them… they said sure… posed… I snapped a picture and turned around to leave… (WTH?) My friend just laughed at me… “that was smooth”… gee thanks… then she called me out for flirting with Ben G… *blush*


More Jackson. He rocks the fedora.

We had to wait back outside because the venue wasn’t ready to accept people yet, but when they did they ushered us inside and right along the gate at the front of the stage… FRONT ROW BABY!!! The National Rifle played first and they kicked some major BUTT! I don’t know their individual names but the CHICK ROCKED the stage! I was totally digging her dress as well! The bassist is the comedian of the group and he was shirtless by the end of the first song and he dropped his drawers at the end of the entire show at the end of the night… apparently he does this at the end of all their shows.

100 Monkeys… AMAZING! The one song Ben G sang I SWEAR it was Tom Waits on stage… All of them play ALL the instruments… I was down by the keyboard so I got to see everyone in front of me for at least 1 song… WIN! There was one set of girls that kept yelling “we love you Jackson” or “I love you Jackson” and he never responded. Close to the end of the show Jerad said that he loved us all and some one shouted back they loved Jerad and HE responded back… Ben G also responded back after that, but Jackson never did… and you know how front men always talk up the town that they’re in… well Jackson did mess up and greet us as Philadelphia at the beginning of the show (we’re Allentown) but he recovered himself and said that Allentown was HOT, and stop being so HOT because it was HOT on stage because of us… it was cute…

At the end, 100 Monkeys brought back The National Rifle and jammed… was GREAT! My camera battery died a bit early but I’m sort of glad it did because this way I just gave in and listened to the tunes… live music is the best…
all in all I was pleased with the behavior of the crowd but unfortunately there’s always one… some chick in a tight black dress JUMPED on stage (she had a press pass on) and started to try and jam with the bands at the end… she was smiling and posing for people to take pictures… it was pretty rotten…


Even Edward jammed with his pale self.

oh, and speaking of “press” photog people.. I understand completely that they’re there to get photos and whatnot, but 2 of them TOTALLY took advantage of the situation… was pretty sad… but I guess that’s the perks… I was at least able to snap a few pictures with out their cameras or bodies in the way…

There you have it!… my 100 Monkeys experience!


P.S. Watch Cullen Boys Anoymous’ exclusive interview with the band from this event!

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3 Responses to “100 Monkeys Show: Fan Experience”

  1. Emmy
    June 18th, 2009 @ 4:58 am

    Hehehe JACKSON!! I’m so jealous!

    Hehe “Even Edward jammed with his pale self”…that made me lol

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    August 1st, 2009 @ 6:08 am

    […] Report about Jackson Rathbone and 100 Monkey concert from fan of the week emeritus, LovelyBlue27 […]

  3. Anna Nono
    August 13th, 2009 @ 7:42 pm

    My. Why did you go? I heard of this band before I heard of twilight shite. I like from a while, from stupid Ireland where sweet-f-a happens. I appreciate the lust-want that famoids garner and that’s awesome, but don’t make fun of old lady and smelly daughter leopard-not-chopard when they go see a band because they are irrational fans. You are irrational fan, silly. You would not have known them if yo friend had not said to go silly.

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