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Get your contest entries in!

If you haven’t entered into our Twilight Newborns contest, you have until July 1! The rules: Send in a photo of “Twilight Newborns” written in a creative, interesting BUT legal place. Team Newborns will chose the winner. Extra credit for including our website address. The winner will be able to choose from 1. A Dej-y, […]

New YouTube video: Edward just wants to dance

A new YouTube video from the Twilight Newborns! Enjoy! Visit our YouTube channel here.

Poll: Moving to Forks

Episode 22: I don’t prison

The Twilight Newborns discuss the city of Forks and give an interpretive reading of Eclipse open casting script. Intro The 10 Commandments on How to Act Around Robert Thomas-Pattinson Twilight News Happy Birthday to Edward Cullen –  June 20, 1901. Edward turns 108. US Weekly to publish a Twilight-dedicated magazine on June 26 (See more […]

100 Monkeys Show: Fan Experience

It took ALOT of cuteness in the photo above for our hearts to melt for Jackson Rathbone, since he plays Jasper Hale, the mortal enemy of The Newborns. But melt it did when Fan of the Week Emeritus, LovelyBlue27, sent in this first-hand account of seeing Jackson play live in his band, 100 Monkeys! Read […]

Renasty Award: NYC Shame

Oh, boy. It breaks our heart to have to give out TWO Renasty Awards in one week.  But we do what we must. Robert Pattinson was “mobbed” by a group of fans on Monday while on location in New York City filming his next movie, Remember Me. But, while we refrain from using the word […]

Renasty Award Winner: New Moon Trailer Reaction

In episode 21, we have out a Renasty Award to the YouTuber above for bringing shame and disgrace to the Twilight Fandom. Don’t get us wrong, we were so excited to watch the New Moon teaser trailer that premiered at the MTV Movie Awards. But the cussing and Tay-Bait leering were a bit much for […]

Cullen Pets

Obviously, the Cullens can’t have pets. The midnight snack craving would be too much. But that didn’t stop us from trying to figure out which animal would go with each Cullen. Cullen pets: Who would have what and what would they name it? Emmett—A pit bull named tank with a stud collar Alice—An aquarium full […]

Bella Cheatin’ Songs

In episode 20, we talk about songs Bella might like as she is waffling between Team Edward and Team Jacob. The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia – Vicki Lawrence Another Man Loved Me Last Night – Loretta Lynn All I Wanna Do – Heart Straight Tequila Night – John Anderson She Just Started […]

Episode 21: Nuclear Meltdown of Awkward

In episode 21, the Twilight Newborns discuss the MTV Movie Awards, true love and Cullen household pets Intro Twilight mad libs from Twilight Novel Novice from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, pages 267-68 Twilight News Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth story about being Dr. Cullen at home. (See more at IMDB) MTV 2009 Movie Awards (See […]

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