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Dejeuner’s Italy Adventure: Montepulciano

Posted on | May 30, 2009 | 2 Comments

Just in from Chris, our Fan of the Week Emeritus who was visiting Montepulciano, Italy, this week:


Dej takes in the Italian sights

“I got to Montepulciano before shooting began.  The town is so pretty!  The square was outfitted with red banners, and extras in red cloaks.  I saw the procession of extras get all together and organized.

“I think I ‘saw’ the Twilight crew.  I was taking pics, and fans were behind a barricade.  I squeezed into a doorway.  Police and crew joined arms and ferreted the crowds away from the center of the narrow street in front of the tower.

“Then this dark windowed van crept through the crowds.  They were yelling ‘Robert’.  The van came within a foot of me.  I could only make out profiles.  I did not see RPattz’s crazy do. He must have already had hair and makeup.

“I am very sure I saw KStew and Dakota Fanning’s profiles.  DK was the tiny one.  KStew was the bored thin chick with stringy hair.  The security held up a blanket and let the passengers into a building.

“I also visited Volterra.  Montepulciano is prettier.”

Thanks SO MUCH to Chris to send these reports into Team Newborns!

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2 Responses to “Dejeuner’s Italy Adventure: Montepulciano”

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