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Poll: Steamy in the Cafe

So you remember “the boys” in the cafe of the Twilight Movie, right? The ones that give Chief Swan the stink-eye about mysterious killings? Here’s your chance to rate this fine men and give Taylor Lautner a break. We <3 @Cari_tx @BeCullen and @rockonrebelchld for this poll inspiration Thanks, ladies!

Twitter Newborn-style

If you follow @twilightnewborn on Twitter, you’ll get gems like My Own Personal Edward giving Robert Pattinson an eyebrow clean-up and the latest in blog postings on our site. Follow us at

Poll: Mom’s Special Day

Episode 16: Get it in the neck

In episode 16, the Twilight Newborns discuss the year Edward died (1918) and Edward-era slang. Intro Parody of the Joker from Steve Miller Band Twilight News Rob Pattinson’s funny Vancouver fan encounter (Read more at RPattzDaily) Debunking of rumor of Stephenie Meyer getting sued (See Stephenie Meyer’s official website) E! The Soup—Harry Potter nerd sabotaging […]

Poll: Dork Hot Men of New Moon

Inside the Action Figure Studio

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For the Love of Plaid

We talked about Rob Pattinson’s love of plaid in episode 14 as we compared the Twilight Series to My So-Called Life. So for you Art-Angela shippers out there:

What vampire power would the cast of My So-Called Life have?

From episode 14 where the Twilight Newborns compare My So-Called Life to the Twilight Series: What vampire power would the cast of My So-Called Life have? Sharon (Angela’s ex-BFF) – Break up and stay that way Patty (Angela’s mom) – Nag from 4 miles away Graham (Angela’s dad) – Withstand feminine whiles Rickie (Angela’s guy […]

Poll: Relationships you never thought of

Poll: DVD Commentary needed?

In episode 15, the Twilight Newborns discussed whether to record a DVD commentary. We weren’t sure, so we thought we’d ask you guys.

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