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Episode 11: Consequences for your potato

Intro 12 Days of Twilight sung by the Newborns Twilight News Filming on New Moon starts Monday 3-16-09 (See Just Jared Jr. story) Set photos from Spoiler TV Eclipse Director, Juan Antonio Bayona, announced and then denied. (See LA Times) Robert Pattinson in GQ Magazine (See story and photos here) Cool stuff releasing soon: Twilight […]

Grad School is not kind

Every Twilighter loves, loves, loves  the Pocket Edward adventures from Lauren’s Bite, and we do too. (He’s really the Edward Cullen Action Figure – see him on Amazon). So I thought it would be fun to take Melissa’s Pocket Edward to grad school with me. Initially, things went well. Edward turned some heads and started […]

New and Improved: Twilight Newborns are everywhere

As of late, we’ve been very busy little vamps, working to expand our interwebs reach to connect to you. Be sure to check out Twilight Newborns here: New Podcast Alley – Click here to subscribe to our feeds and rate us on Podcast Alley. CafePress Store – See our official merch store for those who […]

Rob’s Mega-Do Breakdown

Robert Pattinson’s unruly locks ain’t no big thang. Okay. We’re lying through our venom-infused teeth. The Pattinson Mega-Do is a huge deal many Twilight fans. And for us too. Here is a recent trajectory of his man mane. Edward Cullen’s two greatest desires, his love for Bella and his thirst for her blood, are symbolized […]

Poll: Vamp Envy

-Inspired by Episode 10

Episode 10: Can’t Shake Carlisle

In episode 10, the Twilight Newborns discuss Bella’s super vampire powers and the Cullens’ Oscar Night. Intro Local TV news from Forks, WA Twilight News More Kristen Stewart interviews (KStew Apology-gate) (See E! Online Exclusive) Twilight board game is being released (See product details at Amazon) Need for a Twilight video game Twilight DVD update […]

The Tickle Off: Elmo vs Edward

Seems like our favorite vampire is feeling a bit monsterish. Even Elmo can’t cheer him up. Since we titled Episode 9, “Tickle Me Edward,” we thought it best to get these two crazy kids together. It didn’t go too well since Edward has some self-esteem issues about being a monster, and Elmo can only talk […]

DVD info from better websites

While we can report the Twilight DVD is coming out Saturday, March 21, 2009, we’ve been confused more than once about the different versions coming out. Lucky for you, others aren’t so easily confused. So get educated if you need to know: “Which Twilight DVD should I buy?” Answered by this post from the Twilight […]

Neverending Pocket Edward

We unconditionally and irrevocably give Lauren’s Bite credit for inventing Pocket Edward and his crazy adventures. It looked like so much fun we had to buy a Pocket Edward of our own. Here he is, riding Dejeuner, podcasting mascot and mountain goat extraordinaire. Pocket Edward seems to be a huge fan of Bastian and Falkor […]

Poll: DVD Release Plans

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