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Spring Break!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Twilight Newborns are on Spring Break and will be recording a new episode this coming weekend. In the meantime, please share your DVD stories and reviews with us by voting in our poll, commenting on our website, leaving us a voicemail on Skype, or sending us an […]

War Stories from DVD Release Party: Edward Cullen Action Figure Mob Scene

Like good Twi-hards, the Twilight Newborns went to the DVD par-tay at Borders on March 20. And of course, MOPE (My Own Personal Edward) (aka Pocket Edward) joined us. Big mistake. Christen and I hung out in the back of the store, lounging around in the music section, as many teenagers filled the store. We […]

Website of the Week: Meeting Catherine Hardwicke

Valerie from Mom of 3 Crazy Kids met Catherine Hardwicke when Catherine was the surprise guest last Friday as the Twilight DVD was released March 21. Valerie writes: We got there, got our wristbands, and listened to all the speculation of who would be there. First it was Kristen, then Kellan, then someone said that […]

Renaming of Pocket Edward, as if we could

As you know, Lauren’s Bite invented Pocket Edward (See more of her blog here). Her Pocket Edward fathered our Pocket Edward (not quite like Carlisle but close). Our Pocket Edward doesn’t have it as good as Lauren’s Bite’s, that’s for sure. Except the oven thing was rough. Since the term “Pocket Edward” has exploded, we […]

Poll: Twilight DVD Review

Episode 12: Free Déjeuner

In episode 12, the Twilight Newborns discuss their Twilight DVD release plans and the DVD deleted scenes. Intro Alarm clock, excited for DVD release day Twilight News St. Marcus Day 3/19 – fans wore red for Edward (see Twilight Treasury) DVD Release! Parties, Walmart cake Wolf Pack cast (See Cliff Diving scene filming now […]

Volvo bling

We were passing a Volvo car dealership when we got to thinking what would be the vanity plate for Mr. Edward Cullen’s fabulous car? Here is what we came up with: IRICHUNOT – I’m Rich. You’re Not. SCKLION – Sick Lion CKMYPLSE – Check My Pulse VMPSTIC – Vampastic 2CUL4SKL – Too Cool for School […]

Newborn Army Plea: DVD stories

Hey, Newborn Army! As the Twilight movie releases to DVD in the U.S. on March 21, we want to hear how your weekend goes. You can comment on this post, write to us at twilightnewborns AT gmail dot com, twitter with us at @twilightnewborn or call us on Skype at twilightnewborns (we even have voicemail). […]

Poll: Luck of the Irish, vampire-style

Twelve Days of Twilight

In honor of the twelve days until the Twilight DVD hits the streets, here is a song written by the Twilight Newborns to help you make it until March 21. On the twelfth day of Twilight, my true love gave to me Twelve Pocket Edwards Eleven Icy Cold Ones Ten Friends at La Push Nine […]

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