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Raiding eBay

Posted on | February 1, 2009 | 1 Comment

As we mentioned in episode 5, we channeled our favorite shopping vampire, Alice, and raided eBay to see the wacky Twilight stuff on sale. There were over 17,000 Twilight-related items on eBay when we looked. Just some of our favs:

  • Twilight pillow cases
  • “I drive like a Cullen” bumper stickers
  • Edward Cullen Forks High School ID badge, Edward and Bella driver’s licenses and an Edward “license to bite” (invalid in LaPush, of course)
  • Bella’s “bed stuff” – “You like purple, right?”
  • Twilight-Movie VIP Birthday Party Invitations
  • For Valentine’s Day: A ring set: one with “lion” and one with “lamb” and the box says “i dream about being with you forever.”
  • OME! An Edward Cullen paper doll
  • “Edward likes brunettes” t-shirt
  • RPatz socks!
  • Ironic Edward and Bella Zippos (since you burn vampires to kill them)
  • Wall clocks, travel alarm clocks…. also ironic since vampires don’t sleep
  • H.A.T.E. – Husbands Against Team Edward t-shirts
  • Vampire Baseball League. Our fav. slogan,”Team Cullen, Got Thunder?”

What would be your must-have?

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One Response to “Raiding eBay”

  1. jolene
    February 6th, 2009 @ 10:39 am

    another great site for Twilight merch is It is a place for people to sell their handmade items and there are a ton of beautiful unique Twilight inspired items. Everything from jewelry to buttons. Check it out.

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