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Director’s Notebook Sneak Peek

Posted on | February 17, 2009 | No Comments

I’m very much impressed with the sneak peek of Catherine Hardwicke’s upcoming Twilight: Director’s Notebook (on sale March 17, four days before the DVD drops) that is in this week’s Entertainment Weekly (Feb. 20, 2009).

The sneak peak features costume designs and story boards from the movie production weaved with the director’s thoughts. It promises to have more behinds-the-scenes goodness, but with less polish and more heart than the Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion, and demonstrates, yet again, how connected Hardwicke is to the fans.

We tried about 10 times to get the apple shot— the clock was ticking—I started thinking this was a really dumb idea. I almost gave up – but we got it on take 13…my lucky number.
–Catherine Hardwicke (Entertainment Weekly, Feb. 20, 2009)

Some other tidbits from EW that are irresistible:

  • A water-colored sketch of Edward/Robert with long “timeless” long hair reminiscent of 1986.
  • A “trivia note” on the woman behind the voice that rises when Edward arrives on the screen for the first time: Lizzie Pattinson, Robert’s sister.
  • The meadow scene was shot in LA at a golf course and was “carpeted” with ferns, flowers and other foliage to achieve that Pacific Northwest look.


Are you planning to buy Catherine Hardwicke’s Director’s Notebook?

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