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Need help to get your boyfriend to see Twilight?

Posted on | January 13, 2009 | No Comments

To satisfy popular demand, here is our list from episode 2….

The Twilight Newborns’ Top 10 (with a bonus) ways to get your boyfriend to see Twilight.

1. Say, “Is it not enough to spend a short and happy time at the movies with me?”
2. Tell him it has Giselher from the Ring of the Nibelungs.
3. Explain how you’ll probably be in a good mood after it’s over, so he should want to be there with you.
4. Tell him the cinematography and score are REALLY amazing.
5. Explain how he’s going to want to understand what’s going on when you force him to see New Moon with you.
6. Whine “Edward would go see it with me!”
7. Say it’s a sports movie. There IS a baseball scene.
8. Tell him he’s got to keep up with the latest in men’s haircare
9. Lie and say its a sequel to The Deer Hunter (Dear Twilight fans, don’t see this movie! We were just kidding!)
10. There is a speedy, speedy Volvo and a big Jeep covered in mud.
11. Ask him.

We hadn’t had much luck with these…yet. How about you?

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