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Episode 2 – Film Noir Edward

Posted on | January 10, 2009 | No Comments

In this episode, we continue the discussion about Bella and Edward’s relationship, focusing on the Bella’s dazzle reaction and Edward’s proposal.


Twilight DVD release announcement (March 21, 2009), Taylor Lautner confirmed as Jacob Black for New Moon, Iron & Wine on The Tonight Show (week of Jan. 3, 2009)


Bella & Edward’s relationship
1. Is Bella really in love with Edward or is it a physical reaction to the dazzling?
2. What does Bella bring to the relationship? What does Edward?
3. Engagement scene of Bella & Edward
4. Importance of equality in a relationship and how it is part of Bella & Edward’s. Is equality better displayed in the Twilight Series compared to another chick flick, Sex and the City?


1. Update on number of times we’ve seen Twilight
2. Things we noticed this time (University at Port Angeles, Carlisle’s cross, Cullen’s uniforms for baseball scene)
3. Best scene for Robert Pattinson


Top Ten Strategies to get your boyfriend to see Twilight (as promised in episode 1)

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