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Episode 5: FMLA for Lovesickness

In episode 5, the Twilight Newborns discuss whether Edward Cullen is an abusive boyfriend. Intro by Common Sense Media (See their post on how to talk to kids about Twilight) Twilight News DVD decisions The rebirth of the old story about Stephenie Meyer not writing Midnight Sun (Duh! See SF Chronicle) Who we wouldn’t want […]

Plea of the Week: Why Cullen?

Okay, kids. So the latest obsession at Twilight Newborns has been to figure out why Stephenie Meyer chose the surname Cullen.  Here is the Yahoo Answers link we mentioned in Episode 4 that speculates to why “Cullen” was chosen, but that’s just guessin’. We’re hoping the real answers are out there. Can you help?

Website of the Week: Lauren’s Bite

The more time we spend on Lauren’s Bite, our Website of the Week from Episode 4, the more we find all the cool stuff she has. She’s got news, commentary and all the sass you can handle. Also be sure to check out her Reading Posse Discussion Group.

Poll: Bella Swan vs. Lindsay Lohan

–Inspired by Episode 4

Episode 4: The Cullen Game

In episode 4, the Twilight Newborns discuss Teen Drama Bella and her high school misery. Twilight News Twilight’s Oscar snub Rumors of Dakota Fanning cast as Jane in New Moon Hot Topic DVD release party on March 21 and its merchandise Newborn News Facebook Fan page iTunes—Twilight Newborns listed as new and notable Twilight Newborns […]

New look in progress

I’m trying out some new looks for to better accommodate all the groovy things we got going on here. I hope our changes aren’t too intrusive. We should get settled soon. If you see anything that’s wacky with the website (or just wacky in general), let me know at twilightnewborns AT gmail dot com. […]

Poll: Time marches on

-Inspired by episode 3

Website of the Week: EdCullen on Twitter

The Twilight Newborns love Twitter and chose @EdCullen as its Website of the Week during this week’s podcast. Edward takes the time out of his busy schedule to let us know what’s going on with his family. His bio says it all: “Married. Proud parent. World traveler. Old soul.” Check out @EdCullen here.

Twilight Newborns on Facebook

Okay, all. Twilight Newborns is finally on Facebook (click here to see our page). Become our fan. Or at least think about it, okay?

Photo with The Soup’s Joel McHale

The good news is, as promised in episode 3, we got a photo with Joel McHale of The Soup with our podcasting mascot, Déjeuner. Yay! The bad news is he really wasn’t happy about it. But we can’t blame him. We’re the Rodney Dangerfield of Twilight podcasters. We tried to get our own photo with […]

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