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Dejeuner’s Italy Adventure: The Photo Album

Here is the OFFICIAL photo album of Dej’s Great Eurotrip Adventures, as sent it by Chris, our Fan of the Week Emeritus, who returned home safely. Thank goodness! We were worried with Dej on the loose. Check out all the cool photos here! Photos from the New Moon set in Montepulciano, Italy, start here.

Dejeuner’s Italy Adventure: Montepulciano

Just in from Chris, our Fan of the Week Emeritus who was visiting Montepulciano, Italy, this week: “I got to Montepulciano before shooting began.  The town is so pretty!  The square was outfitted with red banners, and extras in red cloaks.  I saw the procession of extras get all together and organized. “I think I […]

Dejeuner’s Italy Adventure: Twilight Shame Edition

So you know Dejeuner, urr, Pranzo, has skipped out on the Midwest and has flown to Italy for a little vacay. It just so happens that he’s there during the Italian production of the New Moon movie. Lucky goat. But Pranzo has been instructed to play it cool. Exact directives: Do not act ANYTHING like […]

Dejeuner flys to Italy, takes on secret identity

Now we know why Déjeuner is nowhere to be found! He has skipped the country and has flown to the Mediterranean  to try to catch up to his BFF Robert Pattinson as the New Moon cast starts their Italian shoot at Montepulciano. Darn that goat! We’ve should have known Dej has been working the phones […]

Poll: New Moon Poster

Episode 17: Cullen Kitty

In episode 17, we discuss Twilight relationships and the cougars of the Twilight series. Intro Edward Cullen baseball color commentary Twilight News New scene being filmed of Bella riding bikes with one of the men from the bar (see New Moon filming halfway completed (See video from ET) Italian filming of New Moon scheduled […]

Episode 16: Get it in the neck

In episode 16, the Twilight Newborns discuss the year Edward died (1918) and Edward-era slang. Intro Parody of the Joker from Steve Miller Band Twilight News Rob Pattinson’s funny Vancouver fan encounter (Read more at RPattzDaily) Debunking of rumor of Stephenie Meyer getting sued (See Stephenie Meyer’s official website) E! The Soup—Harry Potter nerd sabotaging […]

Episode 15: Esme – Don’t Leave Home Without Her

Intro Twilight Apples commercial Twilight News Cam Gigandet had a baby girl with girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff. (See MTV) Life & Style Magazine – Rumors of onset romance. Truth? (See Life & Style’s article) Entertainment Tonight – Exclusive New Moon set interviews April 23 (Watch teaser from here) New Moon cast list announced  (See Yahoo […]

New Moon poster and tagline

A while ago, we attempted to write some funny taglines for New Moon the movie. We haven’t heard from Chris Weitz yet but we’re hoping our next attempt to get him a calling. So tell us, What you think of our newest marketing campaign for New Moon? Where’s Edward? Where’s Bella? Call Charlie.

Episode 11: Consequences for your potato

Intro 12 Days of Twilight sung by the Newborns Twilight News Filming on New Moon starts Monday 3-16-09 (See Just Jared Jr. story) Set photos from Spoiler TV Eclipse Director, Juan Antonio Bayona, announced and then denied. (See LA Times) Robert Pattinson in GQ Magazine (See story and photos here) Cool stuff releasing soon: Twilight […]

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